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Object Pascal

TMesh = class(TCustomMesh)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TMesh : public TCustomMesh


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Objects3D FMX.Objects3D


Note: The rendering system has changed. In order to ensure backwards compatibility, use Original as the wrap mode of your mesh.

Represents a 3D shape that can be customized.

The TMesh class publishes a set of properties from its ancestor, TCustomMesh, in order to let you design new 3D shapes at design time from within the IDE, through the Object Inspector.

Use the Data property to specify the points, normals and textures for each point, and the order in which the resulting triangles are drawn. The designed shape is filled with the material specified through MaterialSource property. If no material is specified, then the shape is filled with red color.

Customized TMesh.png

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