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Object Pascal

TMemo = class(TCustomMemo)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TMemo : public TCustomMemo


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Memo FMX.Memo


TMemo is a multiline text editing control, providing text scrolling.

Use TMemo to place a standard multiline edit control on a form. Multiline edit boxes allow the user to enter more than one line of text. They are appropriate for representing large amounts of text.

The text in the memo control can be edited as a whole or line by line.

The characteristics of the text in the memo control can be modified by using, for example, Font, FontColor, or CharCase.

To limit the changes made to the memo control, use properties such as ReadOnly, Enabled, or MaxLength.

When not in focus, TMemo does not draw a selection rectangle even though the user has selected the text. You can verify whether the text is selected by using the SelText property.

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