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Object Pascal

TShowShareSheetAction = class(TSysCommonAction)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TShowShareSheetAction : public Fmx::Stdactns::TSysCommonAction


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.MediaLibrary.Actions FMX.MediaLibrary.Actions


TShowShareSheetAction is the standard action for sharing images and text.

Use TShowShareSheetAction to:

  • share images or text to social networks.
  • send data to be printed.
  • attach data to an e-mail.
  • assign image to a contact within the phone.
  • copy an image.
  • save an image to the local library.

The image and the text to be shared can be specified through the Bitmap and the TextMessage properties.

Write an event handler for OnBeforeExecute to manage what happens before executing the sharing process (for example displaying the shared image on the form).

When clicking on the control to which a TTakePhotoFromCameraAction is attached, a window is displayed and allows the user to choose the sharing action.

TShowShareSheetAction can be found in Action List editor, in the Media Library section.

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