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Object Pascal

property ColumnSpan: TCellSpan read FColumnSpan write SetColumnSpan default 1;


__property TGridPanelLayout::TCellSpan ColumnSpan = {read=FColumnSpan, write=SetColumnSpan, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FMX.Layouts TControlItem


Specifies the maximum number of cells that the control item in the respective column can span on.

The Row, Column, and ColumnSpan are properties of a TControlItem control item. The value of ColumnSpan specifies the maximum number of cells in the Column column that can be occupied by the TControlItem control item located by the Row and Column properties.

To specify that a control item, which has the Row and Column location in the grid panel layout, can span on several cells in the Column column, you can use the following trick:

  • In the Structure view, locate the desired TGridPanelLayout layout node.
  • Under this node, locate the Control Collection node.
  • Among control items in this Control Collection, select the control item associated with the desired control. The Object Inspector shows the properties of this control item.
  • In the ColumnSpan property, type the number of cells that the control item can span on in the column (specified by the Column property).
The control item having the Row and Column location will span on the specified number of cells in the Column column.

Use RowSpan to set the maximum number of cells a control item to span on in a row.

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