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Object Pascal

property AniCalculations: TScrollCalculations read FAniCalculations;


__property TScrollCalculations* AniCalculations = {read=FAniCalculations};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Layouts TCustomScrollBox


Allows you to set various parameters that control the inertial scrolling effect animation.

AniCalculations keeps a TScrollCalculations object created by CreateAniCalculations. Using properties of this object you can programmatically set values for inertial scrolling properties in order to emulate on the current platform the inertial scrolling behavior typical for other platforms. For example, you can select the emulation of the iOS scrolling behavior under Windows and vice-versa. TScrollCalculations is the descendant of the TAniCalculations class, which provides methods to calculate parameters of the inertial scrolling.

By using AniCalculations you can set:

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