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Defines FireMonkey functionality needed for importing models, such as DAE and ASE models. Template:UnitInfo


IModelImporterThe interface for model importers.
TCustomModelThe abstract class for 3D models.
TGEBitmapRepresents the name of a file that contains the encapsulation of a bitmap.
TGEImageRepresents the information about an image.
TGEMaterialDescribes the material of a mesh of a 3D object.
TGEMaterialsRepresents a collection of materials.
TGEMeshTGEMesh defines a mesh used to define the shape of an imported 3D model.
TGEVertexSourceTGEVertexSource defines a source of vertex properties.
TModelImporterThe abstract class for model importers.
TModelImportServicesProvides access to model importers.


FloatStringsToSingleDynArrayTransforms a string that can form a float number into a single value and stores it at a new position in a dynamic array.
IntStringsToIntegerDynArrayTransforms a string that can form an integer number into an integer value and stores it at a new position in a dynamic array.
SetLocalPathChecks whether a file exists and, if it does, sets the local path of the file.
StringsToStringDynArrayStores a string at a new position in a dynamic array.


_di_IModelImporterRepresents the DelphiInterface of IModelImporter.
PGEVertexPointer to TGEVertex.
TGEMaterialDynArrayDynamically allocated array of TGEMaterial objects.
TGEMeshDynArrayDynamically allocated array of TGEMesh objects.
TGEPoligonIDTGEPoligonID uses an array of TGEVertexID objects to define a polygon.
TGETriangleIDTGETriangleID is an array that uses three TGEVertexID objects to define a triangle.
TGETriangleMeshIDTGETriangleMeshID is a dynamically allocated array of TGETriangleIDs that defines a triangle mesh.
TGEVertexTGEVertex defines a vertex with rendering properties.
TGEVertexArrayArray of TGEVertex objects.
TGEVertexIDTGEVertexID defines an ID for a TGEVertex.


NullVertexIDConstant of type TGEVertexID that defines the first vertex in a vertex source, with no rendering properties.