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Object Pascal

TSourceCollection = class(TOwnedCollection)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TSourceCollection : public System::Classes::TOwnedCollection


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.ImgList FMX.ImgList


Is a container for TCustomSourceItem items containing an original images used in the image list owning this TSourceCollection collection.

Each TSourceCollection collection is owned by a TCustomImageList image list.

The source collection contains an Items array of TCustomSourceItem items. Each TCustomSourceItem item has the MultiResBitmap property keeping a TMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap. These multi-resolution bitmaps are original images, which are used to produce images in the Destination collection. These images can be shown as images stored in a TCustomImageList image list.

The Sources of Images pane, in the Image List Editor, shows all images in the Source collection of the current TImageList image list. These source images are used to construct images in the Destination collection (shown in the List of Images pane in the Image List Editor).

Source collections are created by the CreateSource method. You can override this method to create collections of your own type. The important method is IndexOf returning the index of the source item in the source collection corresponding to the specified Name.

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