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Object Pascal

property AutoHide: Boolean read FAutoHide write SetAutoHide default True;


__property bool AutoHide = {read=FAutoHide, write=SetAutoHide, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FMX.ImgList TGlyph


Defines that the TGlyph control itself manages the value of the Visible property.

When AutoHide is True, then:

  • In the Design mode, Visible is always True and inaccessible.
  • During the run time of an application, Visible is True if the control contains some graphics (BitmapExists is True). Otherwise, Visible is False. If the application code tries to set a new value to Visible, then this value is ignored.
    The Visible value has meaning for the Align property when Align is not None. If Visible is True, then an empty visible control draws the empty space occupied by the control. If Visible is False, then an empty invisible control does not draw the empty space.

When AutoHide is False, then the Visible value can be set programmatically at ran time or using the Object Inspector at design time.

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