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Object Pascal

function GetDesktopCenterRect(const Size: TSize): TRect;


System::Types::TRect __fastcall GetDesktopCenterRect(const System::Types::TSize &Size);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
FMX.Forms TScreen


Tries to return a rectangle having the specified <Size> and positioned in the center of the virtual screen.

The behavior of GetDesktopCenterRect depends on a platform. GetDesktopCenterRect tries to position the returned rectangle in the way that the whole rectangle is visible. On mobile platforms, GetDesktopCenterRect always returns a rectangular positioned in one display. If a whole centered rectangle cannot be positioned in a single display, then the rectangle is moved to be positioned in the display nearest to the center of the virtual screen. The returned rectangle can be truncated to fit into a single display.

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