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Object Pascal

function DisplayFromRect(const Rect: TRect): TDisplay; overload;
function DisplayFromRect(const Rect: TRectF): TDisplay; overload;


Fmx::Types::TDisplay __fastcall DisplayFromRect(const System::Types::TRect &Rect)/* overload */;
Fmx::Types::TDisplay __fastcall DisplayFromRect(const System::Types::TRectF &Rect)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
FMX.Forms TScreen


Returns the display having the nearest top-left corner from the center point of the specified <Rect> rectangle.

DisplayFromRect returns the display whose work area's top-left corner is the nearest (in the virtual screen coordinates) to the center point of the specified <Rect> rectangle.

The <Rect> rectangle's center point coordinates are calculated using expressions like the following:

CentralPoint.X = (<Rect>.Left + <Rect>.Right)/2
CentralPoint.Y = (<Rect>.Top + <Rect>.Bottom)/2

The distance is calculated as the sum of absolute values of offsets between the Top and Left coordinates of a WorkArea and the correspondent X or Y coordinates of the specified <Point> point. That is like:

+ Abs(WorkArea.Left-CentralPoint.X)  

The virtual screen is the bounding rectangle of all displays used to comprise the desktop.

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