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Object Pascal

property Placement: TPlacement read FPlacement write SetPlacement;


__property Fmx::Controls::TPlacement Placement = {read=FPlacement, write=SetPlacement, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Forms TCustomPopupForm


Gets or sets how the TCustomPopupForm is positioned relative to rectangles specified by the PlacementRectangle or PlacementTarget properties, relative to the screen, or relative to the mouse (pointing device) position.

TPlacement defines possible values of Placement.

TPlacement also specifies the behavior of the TCustomPopupForm, when it overlaps screen boundaries. The default value is Bottom.

This figure demonstrates the TopCenter value.

Screen Placement Rectangle

In the figure, ScreenPlacementRect is the colored Fuchsia rectangle of the Show popup button.

Use Placement, PlacementTarget, and PlacementRectangle to set positioning of TCustomPopupForm.

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