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Object Pascal

property AbsolutePosition: TVector3D read GetAbsolutePosition write SetAbsolutePosition;


__property System::Math::Vectors::TVector3D AbsolutePosition = {read=GetAbsolutePosition, write=SetAbsolutePosition};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Controls3D TControl3D


Is a vector that specifies the absolute position of this 3D object.

Read the AbsolutePosition property to obtain the absolute position of this 3D control. AbsolutePosition is of type tagVECTOR3D and has its X, Y, Z, and W components taken from the fourth row of the absolute matrix.

Tip: "Absolute", in this context, means an accumulation of all transformations from the child to the up-most parent. In a FireMonkey 3D form, the absolute position is just relative to the origin of the coordinate space. In case of a screen projection, the position is determined in pixels. In case of a camera projection, it depends on camera position and parameters.

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