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Object Pascal

property Text: string read GetText write SetText stored TextStored;


__property System::UnicodeString Text = {read=GetText, write=SetText, stored=TextStored};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Controls TTextControl


Specifies the text that will be rendered over the surface of this TTextControl object.

Set the Text property to specify the text that will be displayed by this TTextControl. Text can be any string.

If there are any effects already applied before changing the Text property, they will be preserved for the new text. Also, the surface of this TTextControl is repainted.

The Text property can be used to define an accelerator key to a control or menu item.

Tip: If you specify a new text string that is exactly the same as the one already displayed, the effects will not be re-updated and this TTextControl object will not be repainted.

Note: FMX.ExtCtrls.TPopupBox.Text is not a writable property in the same way as FMX.Controls.TTextControl.Text. The FMX.ExtCtrls.TPopupBox.Text property cannot be "any string", but instead must be just one of the strings in the FMX.ExtCtrls.TPopupBox.Items property and, in this case, FMX.ExtCtrls.TPopupBox.ItemIndex is updated accordingly.

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