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Object Pascal

TStyleBook = class(TFmxObject)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TStyleBook : public Fmx::Types::TFmxObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Controls FMX.Controls


TStyleBook stores a collection of styles for a form.

There are two ways to create and use a TStyleBook component:

  • Drop a TStyleBook component from the Tool Palette onto the Form Designer and make your new TStyleBook component the value of the StyleBook property of the form. This works for desktop applications and mobile applications.
  • Right-click a control on a FireMonkey desktop form and choose either Edit Default Style or Edit Custom Style. This automatically creates a TStyleBook component, sets it to the form's StyleBook, and opens the Style Designer.

TStyleBook stores the style definition as text in the Resource property and can be loaded from a .style file. Double-clicking the TStyleBook component on the form opens the Style Designer.

TStyleBook and Form Inheritance

  • If you want all the descendant forms to have the same style as the base form, place the TStyleBook in the base form.
  • If you want the descendant forms to have different styles, place separate TStyleBooks in the descendant forms.

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