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Object Pascal

property EnableExecuteAction: boolean read FEnableExecuteAction write FEnableExecuteAction;


__property bool EnableExecuteAction = {read=FEnableExecuteAction, write=FEnableExecuteAction, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
FMX.Controls TControl


Defines whether the control can use Action.OnExecute for mouse clicks, key pressing, and input on touch devices (gestures).

If EnableExecuteAction is True and the OnClick event handler is not assigned (or is equal to Action.OnExecute), then Click executes the assigned Action, otherwise the OnClick event handler is executed.

Click is an event handler for the OnClick event. It is automatically called when the left mouse button is pressed and released with the pointer over the control.

EnableExecuteAction is True in TTextControl, TImageControl, TSwitch, and their descendants, while False in others.

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