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Object Pascal

constructor Create; override;
constructor Create(const AModel: TDataModel; const AControl: TControl); overload; virtual;


__fastcall virtual TPresentationProxy(void)/* overload */;
__fastcall virtual TPresentationProxy(Fmx::Controls::Model::TDataModel* const AModel, Fmx::Controls::TControl* const AControl)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
constructor public
FMX.Controls.Presentation TPresentationProxy


Creates an instance of TPresentationProxy with the specified data model and presented control.

The signature without parameters is deprecated. You must always provide a data model and a presented control as parameters. If you call Create without parameters, Create raises an EArgumentException exception with the following message:

We cannot create a presentation proxy with nil model or PresentedControl. You should use the overloaded version of the constructor with parameters and pass the correct values.

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