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Object Pascal

TStyledCalendar = class(TStyledPresentation)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TStyledCalendar : public Fmx::Presentation::Style::TStyledPresentation


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Calendar.Style FMX.Calendar.Style


Styled presentation for TCalendar.

You can use Date to write or read the date that is selected in the calendar styled presentation.

Model is the calendar model that TStyledCalendar shares with the TCalendar that it presents.

FirstDayOfWeek indicates which day of the week the calendar styled presentation shows as the first day of the week.

TStyledCalendar also provides the following properties to access its controls:

Not all control properties are available in all instances of TStyledCalendar. When a control is not available, the value of its property is nil.

You can use TryFindDayItem to access the list box item of Days matching for the day of a given date.