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Object Pascal

IGlyph = interface


__interface  INTERFACE_UUID("{62BDCA4F-820A-4058-B57A-FE8931DB3CCC}") IGlyph  : public System::IInterface


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
FMX.ActnList FMX.ActnList


Declares basic methods and properties used to manage lists of images.

IGlyph declares the Images and ImageIndex properties. If a class implementing IGlyph does not implement any of the Images or ImageIndex properties, then the class should provide the following behavior. Any attempt to assign a new value to a not implemented (Images or ImageIndex) property does not change the existing value of this property and does not raise any exception. In particular, components representing lists of objects, usually, have declared published only the Images property, which are shown in the Object Inspector. While their elements (menu items, actions) have declared published only the ImageIndex property. The Images property of list elements is always equal to this property of the list component. That is, all list elements always use the same value of the Images property that are defined in the parent list component. For example, the TMainMenu declares published the Images property, but does not implement the ImageIndex property (ImageIndex is always -1). An attempt to assign any new value to the ImageIndex property does not change the default -1 value and does not raise any exception.

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