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Contains classes that implement the API for using Microsoft Azure services. Template:UnitInfo


TAzureAuthenticationAzure-specific implementation of TCloudSHA256Authentication.
TAzureBlobBlob of any supported type, with its common features.
TAzureBlobServiceManager class for the Microsoft Azure Blob Service account.
TAzureConnectionInfoAzure extension of TCloudConnectionInfo.
TAzureContainerRepresents a container for the Microsoft Azure Blob Service.
TAzureQueueServiceManager class for a Microsoft Azure Table Service account.
TAzureServiceAbstract extension of the TCloudService class.
TAzureTableServiceImplementation of TAzureService.
TSignedIdentifierImplements a signed identifier, which is used to uniquely identify an Access Policy.


TAccessPolicyAccess policy information, specifying the allowed public operations.
TAzureBlobPageRangeRepresents a page range, as returned by GetPageRegions.
TAzureBlobTypeEnumerates the types of Azure blobs.
TAzureBlockListItemA block item in a block blob.
TAzureBlockTypeThe available block types for Azure block blobs.
TAzureLeaseStatusEnumerates the different states of an item that can be leased.
TAzureQueryIncludeBlockTypeUsed when querying blocks to get all blocks or to refine, based on type.
TBlobActionConditionalRecord of optional conditional restrictions.
TBlobPublicAccessOptions for container and blob public access restrictions.