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This sample illustrates how to create a custom list view adapter.


You can find the CustomAdapter sample project at:


The CustomAdapter sample shows how to create a custom list view adapter. This specific implementation of a custom adapter obtains image files from a remote server.

How to Run the Sample

  1. Run the server:
    1. Install Python 2 to run the server script.
    2. On the project folder, open using a text editor, and update the values of the HOST and PORT variables.
      • The default values should let you test this sample application on your development PC.
      • To run this sample application on a mobile device, you must update HOST so that it contains the IP address where your mobile devices can reach your development PC.
      • If the default post is busy in your development PC, you must change the value of PORT.
    3. Run
  2. Run the sample application:
    1. Open the sample application project file.
    2. Open the main form of the sample application in the Code Editor and update the value of the Host constant, so that the host and port match those that you configured on the server script.
    3. Run the sample application.

How It Works

After you start this sample application, it displays the following form:


Click the Load Pictured button to load 30 list view items from the custom list view adapter.

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