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A variety of application samples are delivered and installed with the product.

Opening the Samples

To open the directory of application samples that ship with the product, do either of the following:

  • Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Appmethod\n.n\Demos.
  • Depending on your operating system, open the Samples folder as follows:
    • On Windows 7, select Start | All Programs | Appmethod | Samples.
    • On the Windows 8 tiles screen, click the Search charm, enter "samples" in the Search field, and press Return. Then click the Samples folder in the results.

      Tip for Windows 8: Even easier, just type "samples" (or simply "sam") and press Return when the Windows 8 tiles window is displayed. (To display the tiles window, press the Windows key on the keyboard.)

Updating Your Samples

The source code for the samples is checked into a read-only Subversion repository available at:

When you check out the Appmethod samples repository, it automatically checks out some external folders from the following repository:

Three Ways to Update the Samples:

  • From inside the IDE, open any sample, right-click the .exe file in the Project Manager, and select Subversion | Update | From Repository Root on the context menu.
  • In Windows Explorer, if you have installed the Subversion client TortoiseSVN, right-click the Samples directory and select the Update command.
  • From the SourceForge repository, download a folder by right-clicking the folder name and selecting the Save target as context menu command and pointing to the installed location of the samples (given above).

Help Pages for Application Samples

  • For each documented sample, the help page gives the following information about the sample:
    • Location
      • Path to the specific Subversion location for the sample
      • File location on the local system
    • Instructions for use
    • Source files, classes defined, and Uses units (or #include units)
    • Implementation

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