Version Control System Integration in the IDE (IDE Tutorial)

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Two well known version control package are integrated into the IDE:

If you are already working with a local repository under a version control system, the IDE detects this fact, and the log information for your files is automatically read and then displayed in the History Manager.

You can use one of these version control systems in several ways:

  • Use the History Manager to display history information, as well as local file history information. For example, you can diff or compare files, examine log comments, set an alternate difference viewer, and set a merge tool.
  • Use the Project Manager to perform many common version control operations. For instance:
    • For Subversion the workflow is to update your local working copy of a file, edit and save the file, and then commit your local changes to the repository.
    • For Git, the workflow is to clone, make some local changes, commit the changes to your local repository, and then commit the changes to the remote repository (if desired).

Refer to Subversion Integration in the IDE, Git Integration in the IDE and How To Use a Version Control System in the IDE for more details.


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