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The File Browser is a standard Windows-style browser that you can undock within the IDE. The context menu on the File Browser enables you to perform file operations such as Cut, Copy, Delete and Rename. You can also add a file to your project using the Add to project command.

To open and use the File Browser

  1. In the IDE, choose View > File Browser. The File Browser opens in the Project Manager pane in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. Right-click a file name and select the appropriate command from the context menu. You can open files within Appmethod, add selected files to the current project, or perform standard Windows operations on files.

To filter the file list

  1. Click the Set Filter icon in the menu bar of the File Browser.
  2. In the Set Filter dialog box, enter file names or wild-card expressions, separated by semicolons. The File Browser displays any files that match the wild-card expansion of any of the filter criteria you entered.

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