Object Inspector Keyboard Shortcuts

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Go Up to Object Inspector

Listed below are keyboard shortcuts for working with the Object Inspector.

Keyboard Command Description
Up / Down Arrow Keys and Tab Selects properties or event handlers.
Left / Right Arrow Keys Edits the value or event column in the Object Inspector. Also expands/contracts a selected property when focus is in the name column.
Tab Toggles between the name and value columns in the Object Inspector.
Tab+<letter> Jumps directly to the first property or event beginning with the letter.
Ctrl+Tab Toggles between the Properties and Events tabs in the Object Inspector.
Page Up Moves up one screen of properties.
Page Down Moves down one screen of properties.
Alt+F10 Displays context menu.
Alt+Down Opens a drop-down list for a property.
Ctrl+Down arrow key Opens the object list dropdown.
Ctrl+Enter Selects and activates the ellipsis button (...) if it is available in a selected property.
F12 Switches between Form Designer and Code Editor.

To change the properties of a component using the keyboard:

  1. Select the component you want to modify using the Tab or arrow keys.
  2. Press Enter to switch to the Object Inspector.
  3. Use the arrow keys to select the property you want to change.
  4. Type the new value for the property and press Enter.
  5. To return to the form, press Alt+V+F and select the form from the list.

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