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Go Up to Subversion Integration in the IDE

The Subversion Merge option in the IDE applies the differences between two sources to a working copy path.

You can use merge views in the following situations:

  • A merge conflict occurs during an Update.
  • To resolve a conflict detected from the Commit dialog, caused when you choose to leave conflicts in the file.
  • If you select to Merge the changes of two revisions.

When a Merge Conflict dialog appears, you have 4 choices:

  • Use your local file, overwriting the one from the server, which will be ignored.
  • Use the file from the server, overwriting your local file.
  • Merge where possible, but leave any remaining conflicts in the file. This option is not available for .dproj/.cbproj files. If a user were allowed to select this option for project files then the project would fail to load.
  • If there is a default merge viewer installed, you can choose it to solve the conflict. If no default merge viewer is installed, this option is hidden.

Note: You cannot solve conflicted files by using the IDE before committing your changes to the repository. If you have a conflicted file, solve the conflict first and then update its state (so it is changed from Conflicted to Modified).

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