Floating-Point Number Control Routines

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This topic lists all routines and variables used to control the FPU state.

Routine Description
System.Math.ClearExceptions Clears the exception status of a floating-point number.
System.Math.GetExceptionMask Returns the exception mask from the current hardware.
System.Math.GetPrecisionMode Returns the FPU precision control mode.
System.Math.GetRoundMode Returns the current floating-point rounding mode.
System.Test8087 Represents the FPU family.
System.Get8087CW Returns the value of the 8087 control word.
System.Set8087CW Sets both the control word in the floating-point unit and the variable System.NoErrMsg declared in the system unit.
System.Reset8087CW Sets the 8087 (FPU) control word to Default8087CW.
System.Math.SetExceptionMask Sets the exception mask on the FPU control word for the 32-bit Windows platform.

Sets the exception mask on the SSE control word for the 64-bit Windows platform.

System.Math.SetPrecisionMode Sets the FPU precision control mode.
System.Math.SetRoundMode Sets the rounding mode for floating point calculations.

Note: To change the exception mode, the rounding mode, and the precision for floating-point numbers, we recommend that you use System.Math.SetExceptionMask, System.Math.SetRoundMode, and System.Math.SetPrecisionMode instead of System.Set8087CW, System.SetMXCSR, or _control87, _controlfp.

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