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When you start Appmethod, the integrated development environment (IDE) launches and displays several tools and menus.

The IDE helps you visually design user interfaces, set object properties, write code, view, and manage your application in various ways.

The default IDE desktop layout includes some of the most commonly used tools. You can use the View menu to display or hide certain tools. You can also customize your desktop by moving or deleting elements. You can then save and use the desktop layouts that work best for you.

Welcome Page

When you open Appmethod, the Welcome Page appears with a number of links to developer resources, such as product-related articles, training, and online Help.

As you develop projects, you can quickly access them from the list of recent projects at the top of the page. To return to the Welcome Page from another main window such as the Code Editor or Design window, click the Welcome Page tab at the top of the window. If you close the Welcome Page, you can reopen it with the menu item View > Welcome Page.

New TutorialIDEFig2-1.png
Figure 2-1. The Appmethod Welcome Page

The following sections describe and show screenshots of the various available options when an Appmethod project is open.

You can create a new project by simply clicking File > New > Multi-Device Application - Object Pascal. A more detailed explanation on how to create a project is given in Starting your first Appmethod application.

The following figure shows the IDE immediately after creating a new project that uses a FireMonkey form:

New TutorialIDEFig2-2.png
Figure 2-2. The default layout after creating a Appmethod application

The main window, which occupies the top of the screen, contains the menu bar and the toolbars.

New TutorialIDEFig2-3.JPG
Figure 2-3. The main menu bar and toolbar

To control the toolbars that are displayed in the IDE, use View > Toolbars.