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You can find information about Appmethod in the following ways:

  • F1 Help and Online Help System

Web-based Product Information

You can get help online by visiting the web site and navigating to one of the following:

  • Developer network— —where you can find news and articles about Embarcadero products.
  • QualityCentral— —where you can read, create, update, or manage reports about issues in the Embarcadero products.
  • CodeCentral— —where you can find, comment upon, upload, and download code snippets for the Embarcadero products.
  • Blogs— —where you can find useful information in articles written by the Embarcadero employees.

The web site also includes a list of books and additional technical documents for all of the Embarcadero products.

F1 Help and Online Help System

You can get context-sensitive help in any part of the development environment, including in menu items, in dialog boxes, in toolbars, and in components by selecting the item and pressing F1.

Pressing the F1 key while a menu item is selected displays context-sensitive help for the item. For example, pressing F1 on the Trace Into menu item...

New TutorialIDEFig1-1.png
Figure 1-1. The Trace Into menu item under Run menu

...displays the following help page.

New TutorialIDEFig1-2.JPG
Figure 1-2. F1 Help for the Trace Into menu item

Error messages from the compiler and linker appear in a special window below the Code Editor. To get help with compilation errors, select a message from the list and press F1.


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