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E2091 Segment/Offset pairs not supported in 32-bit Object Pascal (Object Pascal)

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32-bit code no longer uses the segment/offset addressing scheme that 16-bit code used.

In 16-bit versions of Object Pascal, segment/offset pairs were used to declare absolute variables, and as arguments to the Ptr standard function.

Note that absolute addresses should not be used in 32-bit protected mode programs. Instead appropriate Win32 API functions should be called.

program Produce;

  VideoMode : Integer absolute $0040 $0049;

  Writeln( Byte(Ptr($0040,$0049)^) );
	program Solve;
(*This version will compile, but will not run; absolute addresses are to be carefully avoided*)
  VideoMode : Integer absolute $0040*16+$0049;

  Writeln( Byte(Ptr($0040*16+$0049)^) );
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