Disabling Themes in the IDE and in Your Application

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Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 support themes in the user interface. By default, the IDE uses themes, and run-time themes are enabled for the application itself. If you prefer or if you require the classic user interface style, you can disable the use of themes in the IDE and in your application.

To disable themes for the IDE

  1. Close the IDE.
  2. Open the file bds.merge.manifest, located in your $(IDE)\bin directory.
  3. Remove or comment out the following entry in the XML file bds.merge.manifest:
      processorArchitecture="*"   />
  1. Save the changes to the bds.merge.manifest file.
  2. Restart the IDE.

To disable theming for an application

  1. Choose Project > Options > Application.
  2. Uncheck Enable runtime themes.

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