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The Dinkumware Standard C++ Library is installed with Appmethod C++. Dinkumware is the implementation of the C++ Standard Library that is used for Windows (Win32 and Win64) target platforms in Appmethod.

Separate STL Versions for 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows

The IDE automatically adds the correct Dinkumware version, based on the target platform you have set for your C++ applications. You should not explicitly #include Dinkumware.

  • 64-bit Windows applications use Dinkumware Version 6.40.
    • The headers for 64-bit Windows are installed here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\15.0\include\dinkumware64
  • 32-bit Windows applications use Dinkumware Version 5.01.
    • The Version 5.01 library has been updated with some newer templates.
    • The headers for 32-bit Windows are installed here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\15.0\include\dinkumware

Note: Appmethod C++ does not currently support the use of the Dinkumware Standard C++ Library on mobile platforms. Only Windows (Win32 and Win64) is supported.

Dinkumware STL Help Displayed in the Appmethod Help Viewer

Help for the Dinkumware Standard C++ Library

Online help from Dinkumware, Ltd. is included in the H2 compiled help for Appmethod. To see the Dinkumware help, you must be using the DExplore viewer.

Note: Dinkumware help is not available on the docwiki.

To see the Dinkumware STL help:

  1. Start the Appmethod help. Use any of the following ways:
    • Choose Start > Programs > Embarcadero Appmethod 1.15 > Appmethod Documentation.
    • From the IDE, select Help > Contents or Help > Index.
    • In the IDE, select any control or user-interface element, and press F1.
      Tip: If the help does not start, make sure that you have installed the help system, as follows:
      • From your Appmethod installation directory, run Help_Setup.exe.
      • Then start the help after the install completes.
  2. Set the help filter: In the help viewer (DExplore), set Filtered by to either of the following:
    • No Filter
    • Appmethod, Dinkumware C++, Indy
      With either of these filter settings, you can access the Dinkumware STL help as follows:
      • Dinkumware appears as an expandable node in the Contents pane.
      • Dinkumware APIs and topic titles are listed in the Index pane.
    You can browse the STL in the help viewer.
    Other main nodes in the Appmethod help are Appmethod and Internet Direct (Indy).

The help for the Dinkumware Standard C++ Library contains the following volumes:

  • Standard Template Library (STL)
  • Standard C Library
  • Standard C library headers
  • Implementation Specific Headers
  • Other information on the Standard C++ library

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