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You can design any kind of 32-bit Windows application, from general-purpose utilities to sophisticated data access programs or distributed applications. Similarly, you can design console and FireMonkey applications for Win64. You can also design FireMonkey multi-device applications for the Mac OS X, iOS, and Android platforms.

As you visually design the user interface for your application, the Form Designer generates the underlying Object Pascal code to support the application. As you select and modify the properties of components and forms, the results of those changes appear automatically in the source code, and vice versa. You can modify the source files directly with any text editor, including the built-in Code Editor. The changes you make are immediately reflected in the visual environment.

You can create your own components using either the C++ or the Object Pascal language. You can add components to the Tool Palette that you have created, and customize the palette for your use by including new tabs if needed. Most of the components provided in the product are written in Object Pascal.

Building Applications, Components, and Libraries Index introduces support for different types of applications.

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