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When you have finished designing your application interface on the form and writing additional code so it does what you want, you can compile the project from the IDE.

All projects have as a compilation target a single distributable executable file. You can view or test your application at various stages of development by compiling, building, or running it:

  • When you compile, only units that have changed since the last compile are recompiled.
  • When you build, all units in the project are compiled, regardless of whether they have changed since the last compile. This technique is useful when you are unsure of exactly which files have or have not been changed, or when you simply want to ensure that all files are current and synchronized. It is also important to build when you have changed global compiler directives to ensure that all code compiles in the proper state. You can also test the validity of your source code without attempting to compile the project.
  • When you run, you compile and then execute your application. If you modified the source code since the last compilation, the compiler recompiles the changed files and any files that depend on them.

If you have grouped several projects together, you can compile or build all projects in a single project group at once. With the project group selected in the Project Manager, choose Project > Compile All Projects or Project > Build All Projects .

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