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Use the Change Icon dialog box to specify an icon and a label for the object you are placing on the form.

To open the Change Icon dialog box:

  1. On the Insert Object dialog box, check Display As Icon.
  2. Click Change Icon.
Item Description

Icon Radio

Select the icon to use:

Current uses the current icon.

Default uses the default icon.

From File enables you to specify an icon using a fully qualified path name.

If you do not know the icon name or the path, click Browse to open the Browse dialog box. The display box below the edit box shows all the available icons in the specified file. To choose an icon, select it.


Enter the label that is to appear below the icon on the form.


Click Browse to open the Browse dialog box, where you can select an icon to represent the inserted object on the form.

Sample Icon Display

Displays how the icon and label will appear on the form.

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