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Object Pascal

function IsDelimiter(const Delimiters, S: string; Index: Integer): Boolean;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE bool __fastcall IsDelimiter(const System::UnicodeString Delimiters, const System::UnicodeString S, int Index)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.SysUtils System.SysUtils


Indicates whether a specified character in a string matches one of a set of delimiters.

Call IsDelimiter to determine whether the character at byte offset Index in the string S is one of the delimiters in the string Delimiters. Index is the index of the byte in question, where 1 is the first byte of the string, 2 is the second byte, and so on.

When working with a multi-byte character system (MBCS), IsDelimiter checks that the indicated byte is not part of a double-byte character. The delimiters in the Delimiters parameter must all be single-byte characters.

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