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Object Pascal

TCalloutPanel = class(TPanel)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCalloutPanel : public TPanel


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.StdCtrls FMX.StdCtrls


A container for extra information relevant to another item, with a visual indicator pointing to that item.

A call-out often takes the form of a pull-quote, in which a particular snippet of text in a document is duplicated to attract attention: in a larger size, with a different typeface, in a colored box, with stylized quote marks, etc. With illustrations, boxed text will refer to different elements of interest, and each box will be drawn with extra lines that point to its element.

Use TCalloutPanel to create a call-out for elements in the user interface. The call-out may be transient, like a heavy-duty tool tip.

The default style is a TCalloutRectangle, a rectangle with a triangular "peak" on one of four sides. A custom style that is not a TCalloutRectangle at the root should contain one with the ResourceName "background", so that the size and position properties for the triangle can be applied. The bounds of the control includes that peak: the longer the peak, the shorter the rectangle, and vice versa.

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