_ismbslead, _ismbstrail

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Header File



Classification Routines


int _ismbslead(const unsigned char *s1, const unsigned char *s2);

int _ismbstrail(const unsigned char *s1, const unsigned char *s2);


The _ismbslead and _ismbstrail functions test the s1 argument to determine whether the s2 argument is a pointer to the lead byte or the trail byte. The test is case-sensitive.

Return Value

The _ismbslead and _ismbstrail routines return -1 if s2 points to a lead byte or a trail byte, respectively. If the test is false, the routines return zero.


#include <mbstring.h>
bool checkMBCSString(char* input)
  char* ptr = input;

  /* Check if the given MBCS sequence is correct */
  while (*ptr)
    if (_ismbslead(input, ptr))
      /* The check succeeds for correct MBCS sequences */
      if (!_ismbstrail(input, ptr + 1))
        return false;


  /* The check succeeded */
  return true;