Zooming (scaling) the LiveBindings Designer

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Go Up to LiveBindings Designer

The LiveBindings Designer allows you to scale (zoom in or out) the binding diagram that you are working on.

To scale your bindings diagram

  1. Open the LiveBindings Designer.
  2. Zoom your diagram quickly by using the three buttons on the left sidebar:
    • LBDZoomIn.png -- zoom in
    • LBDZoomOut.png -- zoom out
    • LBDRestoreActualSize.png -- restore actual size
  3. Zoom your diagram by right-clicking an empty surface of the Designer, and choosing from the context menu:
    • Zoom In to increase the zooming factor.
    • Zoom Out to decrease the zooming factor.
    • Actual Size to restore the actual size (1:1) of the bindings diagram.
    • Fit in Window to fit the entire diagram in the LiveBindings Designer's surface.

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