Using the Layers in the LiveBindings Designer

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Go Up to LiveBindings Designer

The LiveBindings Designer allows you to organize your bindings diagram (if it is too bulky) through a system of layers.

To organize your bindings diagram through a system of layers

  1. Access the Layers menu in the upper-right corner of the Designer.


    By default, there is only one main layer that cannot be removed or renamed. It is called Default Layer. You can make it visible or not visible by clicking the eye icon (LBLayersEye.png) next to it.
  2. To add a new layer, click the green plus button, and a new layer is added to the Layers menu with a generic name, NewLayerX, where X is a number.
  3. To change an added layer's name, double-click the name and type a new name in the check box.
  4. Validate the new name by pressing the ENTER key.


    Elements that are not part of a layer are grayed, as if they were in the background. Elements that are part of different layers and are connected are highlighted when on layers that do not contain them.


    If you have multiple layers visible, the layers' names next to the Form name in the LiveBindings Designer window toolbar will update accordingly. This allows you to see which layers are visible even when the Layers menu is collapsed.
  5. To add certain components to a layer, you need to select the layer in the Layers menu.
    • To select a single component, click the component.
    • To select multiple components, either:
      • Shift+click the components.
      • Draw a selection box over the components in the LiveBindings Designer.
  6. After you select one or multiple components, right-click to add to an existing layer or to add a new layer.


To make one component be part of two layers

You might want one component to be part of two different layers. As an advanced feature, you can do that in two ways, visually or by typing the layer names, as follows:

  1. Visually:
    1. Select the layer in the Layers menu.
    2. Right-click the component in the LiveBindings Designer.
  2. Typing the names of the layers:
    1. Select the component (for instance: Button1).
    2. In the Object Inspector, expand the LiveBindings Designer property, and type in the additional names of the layers (layers that you set up in the Layers menu) to which you want to add the component (Node-Layers).


Tip: Use the LiveBindings Designer layers whenever you have diagrams with multiple elements that you want to quickly organize in order to clean up your diagram for better observation.

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