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Using the Cloud Service

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Go Up to Mobile Tutorial: Using Remote Notifications (iOS and Android)

There are multiple providers on the market that can be used for sending notifications. Appmethod comes with pre-installed components for two providers:

These providers usually offer more services than just sending out remote-notifications.

Note: You must have an account in order to use either one of the providers.

Create a Project at Kinvey

Setting up your Project

  1. Go to the Kinvey console, and create a new project from the top right side. (Click Sign up for Kinvey.)
  2. To create your app backend:
    • Set a name for the project.
    • For platform, select REST API from the Other tab.
  3. Now you can see the AppKey, App Secret and Master Secret parameters that you will need later.
    NOTE: You can also go to the app settings page to copy App Secret and Master Secret.


Push Configuration

  1. Go to Addons > Messaging > Push.

Google Cloud Messaging Configuration

  1. Copy:
    CCG Configuration.png
  2. Click Save GCM Configuration.

iOS Configuration

  1. Upload your certificate from this step to Kinvey.
  2. Click Save iOS Configuration.

Adding a User

  1. Go to Addons > Core > Users.

  2. Select Add User and define a user and a password.

  3. Click the Create User button.

Create a Project at Parse

  1. Go to the Parse page, click either Sign Up or Try it for free, and create a new app.
  2. Specify a name for your app.
  3. A list of Keys is displayed. Click Data Browser to see configuration details.
    NOTE: You can access this list later by browsing to Settings > Application keys.

  4. Go to Settings > Push Notification.
  5. In Apple Push Certificate section upload your certificate from this step. The Apple App ID and the Parse App are now linked.



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