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AdMob is the Google advertising service for Android. This topic describes how to place ads from AdMob on your applications using FireMonkey. See Adding Advertising to Your Mobile Apps for more information.

Note: The following information complements the main documentation topic about Android development. Read Android Mobile Application Development before you continue.

Supported Devices

FireMonkey supports AdMob on devices running Android 2.3 or later. See also FireMonkey Platform Prerequisites, Android Requirements.


Before you can use the AdMob service, you must prepare your development environment and register an AdMob account.

Creating an Ad Unit for Your Application in AdMob

To be able to configure TBannerAd to connect to the AdMob service, first you must create an ad unit in AdMob. When you configure your instance of TBannerAd to connect to AdMob, you must copy the ID of your ad unit into the AdUnitID property.

Adding AdMob Support to Your Mobile Apps

Note: To learn how to add advertising to your mobile applications, read Adding Advertising to Your Mobile Apps.

Testing Your Ads

To show test ads in Android, simply set the TBannerAd.TestMode property to True.

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