Object Pascal to C++ types mapping

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Below is a list of Object Pascal data types and the corresponding C++ data types:

Object Pascal type Corresponding C++ type

Boolean (Object Pascal)

bool (C++)

ShortInt (Object Pascal)

ShortInt, signed char (C++)

SmallInt (Object Pascal)

short (C++)

Integer (Object Pascal)

int (C++)

Byte (Object Pascal)

Byte (C++)

Word (Object Pascal)

Word (C++)

Cardinal (Object Pascal)

unsigned (C++)

Int64 (Object Pascal)

__int64 (C++)

UInt64 (Object Pascal)

unisgned __int64 (C++)

NativeInt (Object Pascal)

int (C++)

NativeUInt (Object Pascal)

unsigned (C++)

Single (Object Pascal)

float (C++)

Double (Object Pascal)

double (C++)

Extended (Object Pascal)

Extended (C++)

Currency (Object Pascal)

Currency, CurrencyBase (C++)

Comp (Object Pascal)

Comp, CompBase (C++)

Real (Object Pascal)

double (C++)

ShortString (Object Pascal)

ShortString, ShortStringBase (C++)

OpenString (Object Pascal)

OpenString (C++)

File (Object Pascal)

file (C++)

Text (Object Pascal)

TextFile (C++)

ByteBool (Object Pascal)

ByteBool (C++)

WordBool (Object Pascal)

WordBool (C++)

LongBool (Object Pascal)

BOOL (C++)

Real48 (Object Pascal)

not supported in C++

Pointer (Object Pascal)

void* (C++)

PWideChar (Object Pascal)

WideChar* (C++)

PAnsiChar (Object Pascal)

char* (C++)

Variant (Object Pascal)

defined in sysvari.h (C++)

OleVariant (Object Pascal)

defined in sysvari.h (C++)

LongInt (Object Pascal)

int (C++)

LongWord (Object Pascal)

unsigned (C++)

TextFile (Object Pascal)

TextFile (C++)

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