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Go Up to View Menu

View > Object Inspector

Sets the properties and events for the currently selected object. F11 is the shortcut key that moves the focus to the Object Inspector.

If you have closed the Object Inspector, choose this command to reopen it. This command also toggles between the Object Inspector and the last active form or Code Editor file.

Use the Object Inspector to edit property values and event-handler links.

Tab Description


Displays the properties for the selected object on a form.


Displays the events for the selected object on a form.

Context Menu

Right-click the Object Inspector to display the following commands.

Item Description


Filters the display of properties or events.


Sorts the properties or events by name or by category.

Revert to Inherited

Changes the property setting back to its original, inherited value.


Expands the selected property or event.


Collapses the selected property or event.


Displays this Help topic.


Displays the Object Inspector Properties dialog box, allowing you to change the appearance of the Object Inspector.

Stay on Top

Displays the Object Inspector on top of the desktop even if other windows are displayed.


Enables drag-and-dock behavior for the Object Inspector.

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