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Go Up to Project Manager

Project Manager > Right-click a file or project under SVN > Subversion > Show Log

Use the Show Log context-menu command to display the contents of the Subversion log for the selected project. You must choose one of two Show Log command options:

  • From Repository Root searches up the directory tree to find the last directory managed by the same repository as the project file and then adds to the log pane all the files in that directory and below.
  • From Project Directory adds to the log pane all files in the project directory and below.

The Log Pane appears in the main window of the IDE.

Item Description


Shows all the revisions applied so far.

Next 100

Shows the next 100 revisions.


Search all revisions by author, comments, or committed files.


You can see all or 100 of the revisions, grouped by the revision id, author, date and comment. Here you select the revision to see more of its details in the lower section of the window.

You can sort the view by clicking the head of any column, such as Revision, Author, Date, or Comment.


Shows the comment associated with the selected revision.


Shows all the files committed for the selected revision.

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