Locating Declarations of Classes, Interfaces, Types, and Class/Interface Members with the C++ Class Explorer

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Classes and interfaces appear automatically in the C++ Class Explorer.

To locate declarations of elements displayed in the Type List:

  1. In Appmethod C++, open a C++ project that contains the managed unit (paired .cpp/.h files) that defines the classes and interfaces you want to examine.
  2. Click View > C++ Class Explorer.
  3. After the Type List (left-hand pane) is populated, click the class, interface, type, or member of interest to you.
    • The Member View displays the members of the class or interface.
    • The Source Window displays the declaration of the class or interface in read-only mode.
  4. To view and optionally edit the declaration of an item in the Type List, select the item, then do either of the following:
    • Right-click the item and select Go to declaration from the context menu.
    • Click the Go to declaration button ClExplGoToDecl.bmp on the toolbar.
The Code Editor window opens, with focus on the line of the declaration, so that you can edit the source if desired.

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