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Appmethod C++ leverages the Rapid Application Development (RAD) capabilities of the Appmethod libraries, which are compiled in Object Pascal:

This section of the help:

  • Explains how Object Pascal language features, constructs, and concepts have been implemented in Appmethod C++ to support these Appmethod libraries.
  • Compares C++ and Object Pascal object models, describing how Appmethod C++ combines these two approaches.
  • Describes how Object Pascal language constructs were translated into C++ counterparts in Appmethod C++.
  • Includes details on keyword extensions that were added to support the libraries. Some of these extensions, like closures and properties, are useful features independent of their support for libraries-based code.
Note: References to C++ classes derived from System.TObject refer to classes for which TObject is the ultimate, but not necessarily immediate, ancestor. For consistency with the compiler diagnostics, such classes are also referred to as "Object Pascal style classes."


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