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View > C++ Class Explorer > Configure Custom File Groups (ClExplCreateGroup.bmp toolbar button)

Allows you to create and manage the display groups in the C++ Class Explorer, as follows:

  • Enable/disable specific display groups in the Type List.
  • Specify the order of display groups in the Type List.
  • Create new, arbitrary groups to be used in the tree structure of the Type List.
  • Change existing groups by replacing the name or directory associated with the group.
  • Delete groups that you have created. The default groupings (FireMonkey, RTL, and so on) cannot be deleted.

Item Description

Groups: Name and Directory

Specifies the name of the display group and the directory that contains the members of the display group. In the Type List on the C++ Class Explorer, groups are indicated with the ClExplCustomGroup.bmp icon.

The default groups are:

  • $(Project) - the directory of the project file (.cbproj) for the current project
  • FMX - FireMonkey application platform
  • RTL - the runtime library
  • ATL - Active Template Library
  • STL - the standard template library
  • BOOST - the Boost Libraries
  • Other

This list also contains any new groups you have created.

Only the groups with a checkmark ClExplCheckmark.bmp appear in the Type List.

The order of the groups shown on the Explorer File Groups dialog box determines the order of the groups in the Type List. To move a selected group up or down in the order, use Up arrow or Down arrow.

Directory is the location of the source files that comprise a particular group.

Up arrow or Down arrow

  • Click Up arrow to move a selected group higher in the display order.
  • Click Down arrow to move the selected group lower in the display order.

Name and Directories
entry fields

Enter a name and directory for a new group when you are creating a group. When you are replacing a group, enter the name and/or directory that you want to replace the existing group. The directory must contain all the source that belongs to the group.


Replaces the selected group with the specified name and directory that you have supplied in the entry field.


Adds a display group that has the name and directory that you have supplied in the entry field.


Deletes the selected group. You can delete any groups that you have created, but you cannot delete the default groups (FireMonkey, RTL, and so on).

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