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Go Up to Tools Options Dialog Box

Tools > Options > Debugger Options > Embarcadero Debuggers

Use this page to set the debugger options for the IDE.

Item Description

Multiple evaluators

Specifies that the appropriate evaluator (C++ or Object Pascal) is used for each module that is loaded in the process you are debugging. For example, if your Object Pascal program loads a dll build with the C++ personality, the C++ evaluator is used when debugging into the C++ dll. If you uncheck this option, only the evaluator that is appropriate for the active personality is used.

Debug spawned processes

Debugs processes that are spawned by the process you are debugging. If not checked, spawned processes are run but are not under control of the debugger.

Ignore non-user breakpoints

Breaks only at breakpoints you have explicitly set using the IDE. When this option is checked, the native debugger ignores hardcoded int 3 breakpoints as well as breakpoints that result from a call to the Windows API method DebugBreak . Additionally, pressing F12 while a native application is running does not break into the debugger when this option is checked.

When this option is off, the debugger stops at a non-user breakpoint (one that was not set using the IDE). When you change this option, the change takes effect immediately. The default value is Off.

Show inherited

Switches the Debug Inspector dialog Data, Methods, and Properties panes between two modes: one that shows all intrinsic and inherited data members or properties of a class, or one that shows only those declared in the class. For class objects, this lets you determine whether you see members that are part of an ancestor class or only members declared in the immediate class whose object you are inspecting.

Show fully qualified names

Shows inherited members using their fully qualified names.

Sort by name

Alphabetically sorts the pages of the Debug Inspector. If this option is not selected, the pages are sorted by declaration order. Note that this option is ignored in Object Pascal for Win32 projects.

Inspectors stay on top

Keeps all debugger inspector windows visible even if they are inactive.

Embedded in editor

Specifies that the Disassembly view comes up as an integral part of the CPU view. This is the default.

Separate dockable window

Specifies that the Disassembly view comes up as a separate window that you can move around in the IDE.

Debug Symbols Search Path

Specifies the path to your debug symbols files (Object Pascal .rsm files and C++ .tds files). These files are normally stored with your executable, or dynamic link library (DLL).

Debug Source path

Global setting that specifies directories where the debuggers look for unit files that cannot be found on the project search path or project source path.

Additional directories are searched in the following order:

  1. Project-specific Source path, specified on the Project > Options > Debugger page.
  2. Browsing path, specified as follows:
    • For Object Pascal, on Tools > Options > Environment Options > Object Pascal Options > Library.
    • For C++, on Tools > Options > Environment Options > C++ Options > (C++).
  3. Global Debug Source path (this option), for projects that do not have a project-specific Source path and for debugging with no project loaded. If no project is loaded in the IDE, only the directories specified with this option are searched.

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