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With Appmethod, the API unit DSAzure was redesigned into AzureAPI and the old DSAzure API (and visual components) has been deprecated. AzureAPI lets you easily interact with: Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon SimpleDB, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Beside the redesign of DSAzure, Appmethod also provides support for Amazon by shipping a new set of APIs (AmazonAPI), which interacts with the Amazon AWS services. Its usage is similar to the Azure API. Using these cloud APIs you can create queues, add messages to queues, and pop messages from queues. You can also upload files to and download files from the cloud using the blob/storage service cloud APIs.

Tip: A Cloud Explorer Demo is shipped with Appmethod. The Cloud Explorer Demo demonstrates some capabilities of the Cloud API.

For more information, visit the Developing Cloud Applications page.

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