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Object Pascal

TContainedActionLink = class(TBasicActionLink)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TContainedActionLink : public System::Classes::TBasicActionLink


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.Actions System.Actions


TContainedActionLink is the base class for action links that connects actions to action clients and sets commonly used properties to client objects.

Most applications do not work directly with TContainedActionLink objects. Our libraries provide the framework-specific (FMX and VCL) descendant classes FMX.ActnList.TActionLink and Vcl.ActnList.TActionLink. Clients of actions also define specialized FMX and VCL classes descending from these two classes. These descendant classes manage relationships between client objects and actions.

TContainedActionLink introduces methods to manage the relationship between properties of the action object and the corresponding properties of the client objects. Descendant classes override these methods, implementing them for the particular properties of clients.

Component writers can use the framework-specific descendants (FMX.ActnList.TActionLink or Vcl.ActnList.TActionLink) of TContainedActionLink as a base class for new action link classes that manage the relationships between actions and families of client objects that are not controls or menu items.

TContainedActionLink introduces interfaces for methods that set the following properties for clients of action links:

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